SmartWatch Giveaway Contest

apple-watch-editionFor everyone who already knows about the Apple Watch and is just interested in entering an awesome Apple Watch giveaway I’m not going to bore you up front with this post.  Just click the link to get started.

If you are unfamiliar with the Apple Watch, then please read on for a detailed description of what you can expect!  Recently, Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced that the company’s first wearable gadget, the Apple Watch would begin shipping in April.  The Apple Watch was officially revealed at an Apple event in September of 2014, slated for release in early 2015.  To date the Apple Watch will be released in three different collections, the standard Apple Watch which will begin selling at a base price of $349.00, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition.  Each collection comes with a variety of models which feature different cases and wrist bands.

The standard Apple Watch comes in 18 different models, you can choose between two different stainless steal cases, and up to 9 different bands including leather, stainless steal, and fluoroelastomer plastic.  The Apple Watch Sport is the mid-grade level of the Apple Watch editions.  It also comes with the option of two different cases made from lightweight aluminum in either silver or space grey colors.  Their are also 5 different color bands to choose from made from fluoroelastomer plastic.  Based on the available options, one could create up to 10 different models of the Apple Watch Sport edition.  Lastly, their is the Apple Watch Edition piece.  The Edition has two different 18-karat gold cases available in either rose gold or yellow gold.  The band options are more limited with options in either leather or fluoroelastomer plastic.  With the different options available you can create up to 6 different models of the Apple Watch Edition.

All collections of the Apple Watch will be running an Apple S1 processor, and Watch iOS as the operating system.  Their are two different screen sizes for the Apple Watch, either 38 milimeter or 42 milimeter.  Each model will also allow input from users via the digital crown, multi-touch, force-touch, a microphone, Siri, and via a connected iPhone.  To charge the Apple Watch, owners will use a MagSafe connector cable.  In terms of connectivity, the Apple Watch supports Near Field Communication,  WiFi, and Bluetooth.  The Apple Watch also comes with various sensors includinging an Accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, and a barometer.  The Apple Watch will be compatible with iPhone 5 and later running iOS 8.2 and above.

The Apple Watch has had mixed reviews since it was first announced.  Some people have praised the new smartwatch for its design, usefulness and potential , while other people have criticized the new device.  Some of the sharper criticisms of the Apple Watch came to light after the Apple Watch SDK was released to developers.  After reviewing the Apple Watch SDK, it was revealed that the new device was very dependent on being connected to an iPhone.  The Apple Watch does not handle most of the computing when handling tasks, as it will offload most of the work to an iPhone and act like a dumb terminal waiting for the iPhone to handle the requests and feed them back to the smartwatch.  The first generation Apple Watch may not be very smart, but Apple has hinted that over time the smartwatch will be more self sufficient.

As the Apple Watch is entering a marketplace that already has some stiff competition, what are the chances that the Apple Watch will flourish?  Companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola and Pebble have had smartwatches competing for the top spot for quite a while.  The Pebble SmartWatch is cross functional in terms of working with both Android and iOS devices.  Can the Apple Watch fair well against cross platform devices when it will only function with later generation iPhones?  Also when you look at the cost of Android Wear, and Pebble SmartWatches, will people really find that the Apple Watch can justify such a higher entry price beginning at $349?  Many of the other top smartwatches on the market retail for less than $250.

While Apple has a huge customer base, will they be able to convert a large percentage of their users to become smartwatch owners?  It seems like watches in general are no longer something many people wear due to quick and easy access to smartphones.  Can Apple transition people back into wearing watches and keeping phones in pockets and purses?  As a majority of society has moved away from watches over the past couple of decades it will be a difficult move for anyone in the smartwatch market to drive users back to wearing something on their wrist.  I have no doubt that if a company can make it happen, it will be Apple as they have the best designs and marketing people on the planet.

If you want to learn how you can easily enter to win an Apple Watch be sure to click the link and join today.  All you have to do is share your contest link on social sites like, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.  Earning points to qualify for the prizes is done quickly and literally only takes seconds.  They have an amazing tutorial video that details how to earn points which I am going to link to below.