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The biggest watchmaker on the planet, Swatch Group, is now talking publicly about the smartwatch it will launch to take on the Apple Watch, however it might be too late.

Apple Watch will ship with two built-in health apps: the Activity app, which keeps track of calories burned, everyday activity and sitting patterns and the Exercise app, which is geared in the direction of more determining more durable exercise. But much like the iPhone and iPad, the ultimate success or failure of Watch will certainly be figured out by the countless apps built on top of the platform by third-party software application designers and other environment partners, from health care business to residential device makers. In this sense, the future performance of Watch remains to be composed.

Fitness monitoring is certainly an enormous part of the Apple Watch proposition and the company has divided the providing into 2 major locations. The first is the Activity App. It’s about health, movement, wellness and your everyday routine as opposed to sports features, and there are three primary locations within that. Each of them is based around filling a coloured ring graphic throughout the course of each 1 Day. Total the circle and you have actually struck your target.

Apple hasn’t been particular about how Watch connects to iPhone but it appears to be a Bluetooth link at the time of composing. As such, you get all the alerts you ‘d expect with SMS, email, call, Facebook and twitter all included. There have actually been a couple of leaks regarding the iPhone friend app, detailing everything from how you toggle settings to changing the watch face.


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