The Watch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century

From all the leaks and rumors, it now appears that Apple is going to unveil the legendary iWatch at its much-hyped item launch event on Sept. 9. While absolutely nothing has actually been definitely verified (and a lot of the iWatch reports from Chinese tech blogs seem positively questionable)– it’s possible that the new iWatch is going to have a versatile, multi-touch screen and boast some kind of killer app such as mobile payment or digital health performance. And, most importantly, it’s going to be water resistant and beautifully designed and have astonishing battery life andincorporated with all Apple’s remarkable items.

But while that’s a sensor that connects to the watch, there’s news – likewise from the Wall Street Journal – which suggests that Apple has actually needed to downsize the addition of things like anxiety sensors and blood pressure readouts to augment the health app.

A modification to Apple’s EU website also suggested that previous rumours of an early 2015 release for the Apple Watch were precise, with Offered in early 2015″ briefly displayed below the page’s major image. This then changed to Available in 2015,” which is also exactly what is shown on the US website.

As far as we understand Apple Watch will have several identities with a number of functions. It will supply the time and other little bits of information, enable buying with Apple Pay and track exercise, among other things. All this while also operating as a fashion accessory.

New reports from 9to5Mac’s sources declare that the powerful processor is one factor contributing to disappointing battery drain in the gadget, meanings that Apple’s target of having the Watch’s battery life last a complete day may not be in reach.

Great – and comfortable. While the Apple Watch may appear a lot like other square-screened smartwatches, its fit and surface are improved. Its design is a bit like a mini-iPhone, but also similar to the 2011 iPod Nano, yet curved. I tried out a stainless-steel Apple Watch with metal link band, an Apple Watch Sport with a rubbery sport band, and a smaller sized Apple Watch with a leather band. They all had a great wrist feel.


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