Jonathan Bond, Author At Bargainteers

Besides Apple, Example will certainly likewise need to compete with a bevy of Android-powered smartwatches, as well as the growing list of offered smartwatch-fitness tracker hybrids.

These aren’t final either, it’s just estimates from one analyst and he may be completely off with his guesses. That said, he has had success in the previous anticipating Apple’s next steps, we’ll just have to wait and see if he is right when the Apple Watch goes on sale in 2015.

Nevertheless, provided Apple’s performance history for popularising existing technologies that have formerly failed tothe imagination of customers (especially in the case of the MP3 and tablet sectors), market watchers appear guaranteed the Apple Watch will certainly prove to be a hit.

Apps on the Apple Watch are extensions of iPhone apps, implying they are companions to their smartphone counterparts but are developed for the watch user interface. Starting later next year, though, Apple says designers will certainly be able to create “completely native apps for Apple Watch.” This may mean that future Watch apps will certainly run on the band itself without needing to be tied to an iPhone.

Cook didn’t offer any understanding as to whether there would be a staggered release, as there has actually been in the past when Apple has launched an absolutely new product, or if all international areas will certainly be able to buy it at more-or-less the very same time.

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