Apple IWatch 2014 Release Date, Price, Specs And Rumors For New Smart Watch

The battle for your wrist is on. However exactly what should you look for in a smartwatch? Make use of these suggestions to select the very best gadget for your requirements and budget plan.

A blank screen appears like a blank screen. Another notch on the belt for Pebble as far as i’m worried. My pebble stays on and I get DAYS of juice from it. A watch is various from a phone screen, and Apple needs to understand this for the Apple watch to truly capture on. I will be awaiting the next gen on this one, mainly due to the poor battery life, therefore that Aple can learn from it’s errors. I feel bad for all those that purchased an iPad 3 and then less than 6 months later on a faster iPad came out. I’m not going to be that iPad 3 owner (when the V2 comes out by next Fall).

I have the old iPod Nano watch” on a strap. IMO it looks super cool, but that dang watch face fallings asleep in less than a minute! That blank screen just looks lifeless, like the eyes of a Great White shark.

Apple needs to either find out how to always show the clock face in some sort of power save mode, or put something on the screen (an Apple logo, or wall paper of your deciding on), that displays the watches stunning screen. It looks smart, but not developed.

If you desire something with wireless radios and a color screen, deal with charging it when a day or wit 5 years. The smart” features are what make the item engaging and unique compared with a regular watch. It’s why we accepted the drop from 5 day Nokia battery life to 5 hour iPhone battery life. It lasts much shorter but doings this far more.

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