Apple Obviously Hasn’t Solved The Smartwatch Battery Life Problem

The Apple (AAPL) Watch is coming. It’s expected to turn Fossil (FOSL) into a dinosaur. Not so quick! This timekeeper has some digital tricks up its sleeve, too. Fossil is among the biggest makers of fashion watches in the U.S. It sells watches to the demographic Apple Watch is targeting.

Further, they kept the crown. Okay, so it’s a “digital crown” on the Apple Watch, but for a company established by a guy understood for his distaste of switches and buttons, that they kept the original horological control center says something. Sure, it is important to the UI of the Apple Watch, but I was amazed to see that they had not attempted a device that is entirely void of physical controls.

There has actually been a lot of speculation about the rates of the steel Apple Watches along with the gold models. In regard to the latter (Apple Watch Edition pieces), I want to verify that they are in fact produced from solid 18k gold and use a distinct manufacturing method selected by Apple that enhances the hardness of gold. According to Apple, the extra hardness is thanks to a special gold alloy, but they didn’t go into more information.

The battle of the smartwatches – The long-rumored “iWatch” from Apple could take the very same approach, or, like others, require a connection with a smartphone. Health and wellness apps are anticipated to be front and center on the brand-new device.

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