Apple CEO States Smartwatch Will Fight ‘New Cancer’

Swiss watchmaking company Example has chosen that it wishes to get into the smartwatch business after all. In an interview with Bloomberg, company CEO Nick Hayek said that his company will be going head-to-head with Apple when the Apple Watch introduces in April.

You do understand that if you alter the watch face it would certainly look various, best? I love Apple however a few of you are being outrageous acting like the Apple Watch is something unique, while terrific smart watches have existed for a while now.

To me a genuine luxury item is one that the masses can not afford to have. If Apple is a real luxury “luxury” brand name like so many around these online forums believe how on the planet can so many people afford it? There may be a perception of luxury by some, however it is a standardized consumer brand name much like the rest.

Would anyone honestly suggest and try that Apple is not a mass market brand name? I think if it makes you feel better that you think your iPhone is a really exclusive item that lots of people can’t afford to own then go ahead and believe what you desire.

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